Christmas Spirit


I think I just designed my Christmas cards for this year  WooHoo!!!  I can go make 6×6 copies and voila!  I designed the background using acrylic and watercolor paints along with black and white pens.  The trees were handrawn by me (haha  way simple) and I used watercolor crayons on it.  If you can see the snowflakes in the background, those were stamped with Hero Arts stamps using white ink.  I wish I had put the Spirit of Christmas instead of Christmas Spirit.  But hey, they both mean the same thing.


Wasted Time?


Today I was working in my craft room…cleaning and organizing.  My aret journal page was on my kitchen table.  When I would take a break from the craft room, I would work on my journal page and I took a pic after each time.  Hopefully I can get them in here in order  LOL

She Believed


Wow, I had a busy day!  I worked hard all day and whenever I’d take a little break, I worked on this page so it literally took me all day!  My art journal is going to be filled with mostly quotes  I’ve collected over the years.  I just love this one because you have to really believe you can do whatever you set your mind to.